About Us

It is important for kids to understand
from an early age, the impact and responsibility
they have on the future of our world. 
Kids 4 Our World ... two goals.
  1. Funding eco-friendly classes for children of all ages by supporting Olivewood Garden and Learning Center.  Thousands of children learn about the importance of organic gardens, and healthy eating.
  2. Funding the planting of thousands of trees in strategic countries around the world as well as helping underdeveloped villages to learn how to plant beneficial trees so they can take care of their own land.


How will we accomplish this?

  1. Selling books written by Miguel Angel Aldrete, and using the profits to fund these projects.
  2. Organizing book signing events. The profits from the books will be donated to the organization or school that promotes it.  The donation should be used to help fund an eco-friendly project of their choice. This will increase awareness and promote more eco-friendly projects in our community.
  3. Receiving donations from people like you.  The donor can select which program they want to support and a tax deductible receipt will be provided to the donor.
  4. Recycling day with professional athletes.  The money generated by this event will be donated to the two organizations that we support.