Kids 4 Our World Supports Local Organic Gardens & Plants Trees Internationally

K4OW International Ambassadors

San Diego/Chula Vista Teens Making a Global Impact

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Seven local teens travelled to the rainforest in Central America representing the

"Kids 4 Our World International Ambassador Program" to plant 1,600 trees,

help endangered monkeys, and create global awareness about our environment.

Eco-friendly technologies were introduced while exchanging an amazing cultural experience with the Maleku Indians. 

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NOTE:This project is a collaboration between Kids 4 Our World and 
La Reserva Forest Foundation  (501C3) EIN#26-3595528

Top: Quike Avalos, Miguel Angel Aldrete, DJ O'Brien, Ryan Didonato,  

Bottom: Alejandro Avalos, Gilbert Rodriguez, Manuel Aguilera


How Will I Positively Impact Our World???



Money will be donated from the proceeds of the books to: 

                            - Plant 10 trees for every book sold

                            - Sponsor healthy eating programs for young students


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    Support Local Organic Gardens      



*  Sponsor fieldtrips to Olivewood Gardens

    & Learning Center.

*  Promote healthy eating in grade school


*  Support environmental eductions.


Students will actively enjoy organic gardening, seeding, planting, harvesting and cooking

with local grown produce and more.


 Our Goal

 Sponsor fieldtrips to Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center for 100 students by the end

of 2012.

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Donations to help kids learn from Organic Gardening are sent to Olivewood Gardens and learning center.
Plant Trees Internationally     

      * Reduce the effects of deforestation 

      * Plant trees in six strategic countries.




  "The equivalent of 1 to 2.5 football fields
of rainforest is destroyed 
Our Goal

      Reduce the effects of deforestation by

       planting 10,000 trees by the end

       of 2012

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Donations to plant trees are sent to Trees For the  Future Foundation