Scholarship Application

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"Planting the seeds of leadership in young adults through meaningful community service"
This summer, Kids 4 Our World partnered with Helper Helper to provide community service opportunities for students across the Sweetwater Union High School District.  By using the Kids 4 Our World Community Service App, students were exposed to dozens of local non-profit events and enjoyed fun and creative ways to help their community. In just 6 weeks we were able to donate over 600 Community Service hours!!

Scholarship Application
Kids 4 Our World will recognize 4 of our most committed volunteers of this program...

Who is eligible to apply?
All students who provided community service hours by using our App have the opportunity. If you received an invitation to apply, it means you complied with our requirements and are eligible to win. Applications will be evaluated on the student's involvement in this summer's program and the quality of answers on this application.

What will the winners receive?
Besides the community service hours that all volunteers received, our volunteers developed leadership skills, community awareness, philanthropic commitment, while participating in life changing experiences.

In addition, we will recognize 4 of our most committed volunteers who will receive:
A.  $250, $200, $150, or $100 scholarship award.
B.  Certificate of Achievement
C.  Letter of Recommendation
D.  Recognition from our city and school district officials.

Important Dates
October 28, 2016:
-   Deadline to submit your scholarship application.

November 7, 2016: 

-   The 4 scholarship winners will be announced.

November 14, 2016: 

-   The scholarship winners will be presented with their awards.

Scholarship Application